That’s all i got now : silent tears and a empty life.

Life which hurts hell like a carving knife.

Ripping my heart open to a fresh wound.

Wounds which are never gonna fade..

As long as this life we persuade.

They are gonna leave a mark.

To realise you of your inner dark.

The darkness which was once traped inside.

Is now gonna make it all upside down.

You got to know your demons well.

Bcz thy are the ones who know pain well..

Feed your pain to all of them..

And then you’ll learn how to overcome.


One Comment Add yours

  1. saniikyle says:

    Honestly said…’s darkness covered us and give us that damn pain……..truely crushed today and bang on the timing got the perfect poem to give name what i’m feeling so thanks and by the way beautiful line…..effectively expressed……loved reading ……..keep smiling….😁


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