Everything started with my crying and your smiling.

i had a feeling of talking to you

because i found you special ,

but things couldn’t get any better.

Then started our journey and didnt

knew this would go so further ..

it was good ,it was fine, but it wasnt

the time you were completely mine..

Time passed and passed and brought u near,

but i was confused whether the love was clear.

i asked my heart were u so dear,

but a part of my mind had some kind of fear..

i allowed my heart to have some faith,

and hoped for happiness in that saith..

the decision of mine was not so wrong..

and see mah life is now full of song..

i love him more than he loves me..

because i know, he’ll never leave me..

i mess with him,i shout at him.

but he just smiles and holds me still.

even if we are apart,i’ll never lose faith,

because i know that he’ll always be there..

Will love u forever no matter what,

all i need is love in a glut.

and i know that i have that all,

and u will nourish me as your lovely doll…


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